The website is currently offline due to a ransomware attack on the (ex) hosting company INAP:
On Wednesday, September 28th, between the hours of 2:11 am CDT and 5:41 am CDT, INAP was the target of a ransomware attack that affected the services we provide to you. One of our support technicians discovered the security issue at 8:00 am, CDT. INAP’s Chief Information Security Office was notified and invoked the incident response plan. The incident response team was able to determine the root cause and attack vector used, and quickly remediated the issue to prevent further damage. This was completed approximately at noon, Wednesday September 28th. Unfortunately, your services are not recoverable because of this attack.
INAP had no backups so I need to rebuild the website somewhere else, which I will do as soon as I can. This is really shit and unprofessional from them, and I hope someone makes a class action and sues them.